Monday, May 20, 2013

Peter's Eye Wound

This happened back in March, I just haven't gotten around to sharing this story. My sweet little pony Peter got kicked in the eye by one of the other, more dominant horses in his pasture.
Just above his right eye was quite a gash (as y'all may be able to tell from this picture).
It was very much swollen (as can be seen from this second image). His right ear was sore as well, as he usually will let me play with his ears, but shied away from my hand if I tried to touch that ear.
Day 3 - The cut is scabbed over and the swelling has gone down drastically.
Day 7 - No more swelling and just a small, barely noticeable scab.

It is amazing how well Peter healed himself in just over a week, going from a painful looking eye to normal. For an older pony like him, it's good to know that he is still able to heal himself. We did not use any antiseptics or anything to help it heal or to fight infections, as we risked getting some in his eye and doing more damage. This was all on his own.


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