Sunday, December 16, 2012

Recently ...

I know that I have not posted here in a while, so I thought I should come back to say a few words. I've been busy lately, so I'll give y'all a rundown of what has been happening in my horsey life.
Peter, a pony I lease, has been moved to a new home. Trailering went well. The other horse who was being moved with him refused to trailer. The trailer ended up leaving without her. Another trailer came to pick her up. They had to coax her in with some grain as well as blind fold her. I didn't really like how they did that though. They were in no hurry to get her to the new farm. If they had been more patient, I am sure she would have gone in. Noami (the horse) is a right-brain introvert. Though the people who initially tried to load her pushed her too far too quick and freaked her out. RBE now. It was very much a challenge working with her like that.
At this new farm, they now have 13 sheep, 5 dogs, and 5 heritage turkeys. They will soon be getting some rabbits and some chickens. These animals (other than the dogs) are all something new for Peter. He is very much a Left-Brain Introvert. Very calm and confident, doesn't get spooked easily. The turkeys making their gobble-gobble noises were a bit odd for Peter. He did like the sheep. They seemed to like him too. The sheep are bit nervous around people and don't like coming near us. When Peter is around, they all come up to the side of their pen and try to be friends with him. It's really cute.

I will try to post here more often.


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