Sunday, September 9, 2012

Equine Careers

I am currently in high school and I will be going to college/university in a few years. Though, I need to figure out what I want to do as a career first. I would love to have a career with horses. I have been doing some career searches. Here is what I have come up with a possible career choices:

1. Parelli Professional
I would absolutely love to become a Parelli Professional. Sharing the Parelli methods, making the world a better place for horses and humans. It would just be an amazing experience.

Education: Parelli University
        Programs: Fast Track/Flex Track Courses, Internship/Externship, Instructor Courses
Annual Salary: $200 000 +

2. Equine Veterinarian, DVM.
Being an equine vet would also make an interesting career. I really enjoy helping people take care of their horses. This would make an enjoyable career.

         Programs: Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
Annual Salary: $40 000 - $150 000

3. Equine Yoga Instructor
I truly do enjoy yoga, so why not become an equine yoga instructor? Equestrians require core strength and balance. They can acquire better balance and strength through yoga.

         Programs: 35 - 500 hour yoga instructor courses available
Annual Salary: $80 000 - $110 000

4. Farrier/Blacksmith
This is another awesome possibility that would allow me to be caring for horses. Though there is one issue with being a farrier for many years: back problems. Since farriers are bent over all the time tending to the horses' hooves, back problems will surely develop.

         Programs: farrier science, blacksmithing, etc.
Annual Salary: up to $60 000

5. Equine Massage Therapist
Everyone likes getting a massage every once in a while. Horses surely do to (another way to help horses!). It is very much a rewarding career. Though equine massage therapists are prone to injury if they don't have a proper technique.

         Programs: varied massage therapy courses available
Annual Salary: $125 000 - $160 000 ($50 -$100/session)

These are just a few of the many possible careers in the equine industry.


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