Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ban Rolkur - Please Sign Petition

This topic came to my mind earlier today when I was rewatching some of the Olympic dressage. Two of the Olympic dressage riders were spotted using Rolkur, an abusive method in dressage. A petition has been made to stop these terrible techniques.

Here is the main petition info:

"The Olympics is a symbol of unviersal peace and has been since the 9th century BC. It is a time when conflict is forgotten and the world unites in peace to marvel at mans great abiltiy and accomplishments. Today the Olympic Truce represents the International Olympic Committee's aim to inspire peace throught sport. 
This petetion is about getting the Olympic Committee to stand by their principle of peace and issue consequences for those who inflicted torture on their horses in the warm up arena prior to the Dressage event. 
Patrik Kittel and Adelinde Cornellissen were photographed using Rolkur on their horses in the warm up arena. The FEI amended its rules so as Rolkur would be STOPPED in competion warm up rings. It is painfull. Its is undignified (for the horse). It stressfull. It is unnecessary. It is against any principle of peace. 
They have actively broken FEI rules AND their actions are not those inline with the International Olympic Committee's ideal of "Peace through sport" therefore i believe that these riders need to be investigated and disqualified."


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