Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Again, I know I have not been writing much here lately, but I've been busy.  Hopefully I can get back into my writing mode.
One thing that had been bothering me lately is those nasty little bugs that nobody can seem to get rid of. The ones that bite and/or sting are the worst, I find. It is very much annoying being itchy all the time because of mosquitoes or other biting insects. Follow this link to find some tips on how to relieve the itches/irritations:
Though some insects can be helpful to us. Honeybees are amazing. Our gardens wouldn't be the same without them. To help keep the honeybees near your place around, build a bee waterer. Follow the instructions on this site.
Wouldn't it be amazing to get rid of all of the nasty pests, but still be able to keep all the helpful insects? I have heard that Spalding Fly Predators work very well on the flies. I have never personally used it, but I would check it out if I were y'all.

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