Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Heat

Summer is just about here (unfortunately). I'm more of a winter person though.
Today's heat wave here in Ottawa was insane. It reached at least 39 degrees Celcius. Wicked hot! Summer is always a tough time for me, as I trouble keeping my body temperature low. When it's cold in the winter, I always enjoy my days spent out in the snow. I guess being hard-core Canadian makes y'all's body temperature accustomed to the harsh winters. My Fjord pony, Flecky, has pretty close to the same problem as I do with the heat. Fjords, being a breed from Norway, are accustomed to cold weather and prefer the cold weather. Their coat grows really thick during the winter and their mane/tail is quite often coarse and dry. Today's heat was horrible for him. He was sweating like crazy even though is was not doing any work (he was just napping in the barn). I would normally ride on a Monday, but I couldn't. My poor pony could barely breathe (the heat doesn't mix with his asthma). I had to give him a complete cold hose to cool him off a bit. I'm hoping this heat wave goes away. It's supposed to rain tomorrow. Hopefully that will cool things off a whole lot.
Personally, I believe that we need to do something about this whole climate change/global warming concept. I'm having such troubles with here in Ontario. I wouldn't even be able to imagine what harm it is doing in the NWT, YT, and NT. I don't know what one person could do, but I there was something, I would so do it.

Hoping for colder weather,

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