Saturday, June 16, 2012

Horsemanship Obstacles/Toys

I was just thinking about how my stable has a lack of horsemanship obstacles/toys. Here is just a list of obstacles/toys that would be awesome to have.

Bridge - may be usual one day when on a trail ride and y'all have got to cross an actual bridge.
Teeter-totter - who didn't love teeter-totters when they were kids?
Sandbox - a big box of sand is always fun
Car wash - usually a tarp hanging from above
Spider poles - eight poles in a circle with one end at the centre of the circle on a bucket (horse will walk through the "spider's" legs)
Stepping stone tires - line up of about six to eight tires for the horse to step through (watch where his feet go)
Tire jump - smaller tires places vertically for jumping
Half-tire jump - line of half jumbo tires for jumping
Balance beam - very skinny pedestal for a challenge
Pedestal - give your horse a sense of victory up on a pedestal
2-step pedestal - an even higher pedestal
The zigzag - two lines of parallel cones making a zigzag
Big green ball - a jumbo exercise ball that's fun for horsey soccer
Cones/pylons - useful for figure 8s and weave
Tarp - helps build confidence (it's a scary object!)
Barrels - fun for just about anything
Corners - perpendicular poles that form square corners

Many of these require some carpentry skills. So if y'all know a carpenter, y'all can get them to build it for you. Others are pretty DIY. Those one are really easy to make (or y'all just have to buy it!).
Are there any others? I would love to know if I missed anything.



  1. different kind of jumps are really fun to play with as well. especially those you use for eventing. maybe a little water play obstacle as well. we have one at our facility where you can ride down in a little ditch filled with water and then up again, it´s big enough for 3 canter strides in the water. good preperation for trailrides :).