Saturday, June 23, 2012

Favourite Horse Breeds

As we all know, there are many different breeds of horses out there. Each of these breeds have their own distinct characteristics and "Horsenalities." Some breeds are better at certain disciplines than others. For example, a Hanoverian would probably be better at dressage than a Percheron. Though, the Percheron would probably be a better cart horse than the Hanoverian. No matter the breed, all horses are good at something.
Personally, my favourite breeds are the Norwegian Fjord Horse, the Welsh Mountain Pony, and the Appaloosa.
Here is a picture of my ponies and I:
On the left is Flecky ("A Norden Reflection"). He is a 25-year old Norwegian Fjord horse cross. On the right is Peter ("Peter Rabbit"). He is an 18-year old Welsh Appaloosa. Y'all probably can't see it, but Peter is actually little leopard gray (mottling - a few spots). Also, his legs are not actually black, they are just really muddy. Though Flecky's legs are actually that dark brown colour. 

Do y'all have a favourite breed?


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