Monday, May 21, 2012

Parelli Auditions 1.1

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to show y'all what a Parelli Audition looks like. Here is the link to my Level 1 OnLine Audition:

Or instead of going to my YouTube Channel, y'all can just watch it right here:

So, we passed Level 1. This is what my scorecard looks like:
For Parelli Auditions, y'all need to demonstrate your skills at the level and in the savvy you are auditioning for. A savvy is pretty much an area of knowledge. Here, I auditioned for Level 1 OnLine. Auditions are a maximum of (continuous) ten minutes long. Y'all have got to show all the compulsory tasks plus anything else y'all might want to show off. Once y'all have sent in your audition, a Parelli Professional will score it on a scorecard like the one above. Results should be returned within a few weeks. If y'all have passed all the savvys for that level, you get a coloured savvy string. There is a different coloured savvy string for each level. When I passed my level 1 audition, I got a red savvy string. I am going to audition for level 2 this summer so that i can get my blue savvy string.
If y'all would like more information on auditions, visit the parelli web site at:

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